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Smith - Single Vision Prescription Lenses Only

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Smith Optics - Single Vision Prescription Lenses


The most visually stimulating lens in the world. A proprietary combination of patented polarization and color management technology creates incredible clarity. ChromaPop™ lenses maximize color and contrast by improving the speed of visual processing so you see truer color, faster.

  • CHROMAPOP™ POLARCHROMIC IGNITOR VLT : 12-20% CATEGORY : 3-2  Excellent for use in environments where shifting light conditions are present.
  • CHROMAPOP™ POLARIZED PLATINUM VLT : 14% CATEGORY : 3                          Suited for cloudless, bright-light conditions.
  • CHROMAPOP™ POLARIZED BROWN VLT : 14% CATEGORY : 3                                Perfect for the beach at sea level, or along the shores of an alpine lake.
  • CHROMAPOP™ POLARIZED BLUE MIRROR VLT : 14% CATEGORY : 3                   Preserves true colors and a multi-layer blue mirror, this lens is best suited for cloudless, bright-light conditions.
  • CHROMAPOP™ POLARIZED GRAY GREEN VLT : 16% CATEGORY : 3                   Suited for all day use hiking trails or walking the streets.
  • CHROMAPOP™ POLARIZED BRONZE MIRROR VLT : 15% CATEGORY : 3                The ChromaPop™ Polarized Bronze Mirror lens is the ultimate in rich, crisp color enhancement.
Smith - Single Vision Prescription Lenses Only

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